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Here is our review page. This is new, but we update it every month! You send us your favorite games and we'll review them. We give a trick or hint with each thing we review. We also review accessories. E-mail us your current favorites at


Rating system :

*=very bad-not something you'd want to buy
**=average-nothing special
***=above average-good, but still not quite....
****=very good-this is a game you want to buy
*****=great-the best kind of game in its genre

We rate games by who good they are according to their genre; not out of all games.

GAME OF THE MONTH: Banjo-Kazooie

Accessories. . .

Here are the accessories we've rated.

Our favorites. . .

Gameshark-**** it's great if you like to cheat, or don't have time to beat a game before you return it to the video store. It can also be used to change graphics, etc. . . .it can be glichy though, and it can screw up your game.

Your favorites. . .

Boomerang 64-**** the controller works well, and it's actually possible to reach the L button easily. The problem is that sometimes you can get confused where the buttons are. . .theres a built in double rumble-triple it with the rumble pak.


Here are the games we're reviewing this month. E-mail us your current favorites at
Remember, we give a trick or hint after each game.

Our favorites. . .

Mario 64-***** it's pretty good for the first game made. It's has lots to do, although it is sort of easy. . .get enough stars to open the cannon outside the castle. Shoot yourself onto the castle to find Yoshi.

Banjo-Kazooie-**** It's a nice challenge, with good graphics and music(although the music gets stuck in your head). Turning into animals is awesome(a. k. a. Mumbo Jumbo). . .in Banjo's house, stand in front of the fireplace w/o touching it. Press C-up and look at the picture of Bottles.

Beetle Adventure Racing-***** one of the best racing games there is. There's a short cut or fork after every corner almost. . .in the castle level, run into the haystack by the road, then finish the race. There should be a cheats thing in the options menu.

Your favorites. . .

Rampage 2-*** the game is fun, and it has more to do than the original; it just gets boring after a while. . .hidden characters-

WWF Warzone-**** it's a fun game-if you like wrestling. The create a character mode is cool. . .beat challenger mode on medium with HHH or Shawn Michaels to get access to female bodies in create wrestler mode.

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