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Codes for Crazy Taxi:
Note: Codes with an asterick* by them have not been verified.


Another Day Mode
Press R at the driver select screen, then press and hold R again while you select your crazy cabbie of choice. You will now see the words "Another Day" appear on screen, followed by a car horn. This will change the game slightly with new fare locations and altered starting positions.

Expert Mode
To switch off both Destination Markers and Arrows, press and hold L+Start and R+Start right before the driver select screen appears. This will switch you to Expert Mode.

No Arrows
This code allows you to play without arrow markers. To do the trick press and hold R+Start before the driver select screen appears. If you did it correctly, the message "No Arrows" will appear. This will switch off the directional arrows.

No Destination Mark
Want to switch off the green destination markers that appear around your targets? Just press and hold L+Start before the driver select screen comes up. If you did it correctly, the message "No Destination Mark" will appear.

Taxi Bike
You will gain access to the bike once you beat all Crazy Box challenges. Simply press D-Up at the select screen to get it.
*Easier Taxi Bike
Press L+R+Start 3 times quickly, after you select a character, but before the game starts.

View Change
Plug a controller into controller port 3, then press the Start button on that controller after you started a game in Original or Arcade mode. You can toggle to a first-person view by pressing B (switch back to normal view with A), get an alternate viewing angle with Y.

Plug a controller into the third port. Press X 5 time quickly for a speedometer to appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.