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Here is our review of Sonic Adventure:

Sonic Adventure...


"Sonic Adventure is the greatest game I have ever played. It's got action, adventure, and a lot more!"

Mike's review:

Other than Soul Calibur, this is my favorite game for the Dreamcast. This is one of those games that most people are gonna buy, regardless of reviews that it gets, so developers wouldn't have to work as hard on this project. Luckily, they did. The game is great. My one complaint is that it is too short. Although the game is huge, it only takes a gamer a week to beat it. Other problem with it is that it's almost too fast. If you get motion sickness, this game might night be for you. If you ignore minor camera problems, and other minor details, it doesn't take much to get into this game. The storyline is very well thoughout, and the graphics are good. Simply put, this game rules!!!

Matt's review:

Matt, and your review here soon.

Reader Reviews:

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