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Here are several accessories for the Dreamcast:


Sega's Jump Pack is the first-party rumbling device. It works well, but for $25 you may want to find an alternative.

Interact's Tremor Pak is the best third-party rumbling device. It is $10 and is a good alternative if you are having trouble finding a Jump Pack. It rumbles too much sometimes, and some people say it makes noise, so if these are problems then look to the right.

You need this to play games. The Dreamcast comes with one similar to what you see at the left. If you want to play with more than one person, you'll need another, and they come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. As in most systems, first-party controllers are the best, but there are several third-party controllers for those who want a variety. You can have up to 4 players in games.
The VMU is really cool, but it's more of a requirement, than a accessory. It is a memory card, but you can also do several things with it. You can download and play mini-games on it. In certain games, things will appear on the screen during gameplay. You can also transfer things from games to the VMU (i.e. chao from Sonic Adventure).


  • Download from internet and games
  • Displays info during gameplay
  • Modify characters from games
  • Trade files with other VMUs
  • Save Dreamcast game files

If you have racing games, are plan to get some, you might want a steering wheel to go with it. There are a few third-party steering wheels, the one at the left is by Agetec. Prices are around $50, and they're all pretty good.
About the only game that supports this is House of the Dead 2 (as of right now), but if you own HotD2 this is a big neccesity. It is really hard to play HotD2 using a joypad, unfortunately on many TVs, the calibration of both lightguns is wrong for some reason. However, if the calibration is right, and you have House of the Dead 2 (or any other games that use a lightgun-there aren't any while I am writing this) you should probably buy it.

With so many fighting games for the Dreamcast, you'll probably want to Arcade Stick. It's a lot easier to use than the joypad. $50.

For owners of Sega Bass Fishing. The fishing rod works well with fishing games. It has a built in Jump Pack.

If you use the internet a lot with the Dreamcast, and you usually do a lot of typing, this is helpful-it is so much easier to use the keyboard than using the "digital keyboard" that requires you to use the joypad. $25.


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