MKPO's list of tricks and hints
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Here is a complete list of all tricks and hints from past months that we've included with reviews. There is only one trick per game, but you can ask for a list of all of the codes we know of on that game. E-mail us at
Here is the list of trick and hints.

Games. . .

Zelda-when playing the ocarina, you can make notes sharp or flat with Z,R, up, and down.

Mario Party-get 100 stars to get a new stage.

Smash Bros.-Change the character's costume with the C-buttons.

Mario 64-when you get 120 and can use the cannon outside the castle, go to the top of the castle and find Yoshi.

Banjo-Kazooie-Stand in front of the fireplace in Banjo's home(without being right next to it) and look up with C-up.

Beetle Adv. Racing-In the castle level, run into the haystack by the barn(the one closest to the road). The guy should say groovy. Finish the track and you should have a cheat menu in the options.

Rampage 2-hidden characters:

WWF Warzone-Beat championship mode on medium with HHH or Shawn Michaels to get access to female bodies in Create-character mode.

Accessories. . .

Stingray-calibrate any controller by holding L, R, and start.

Gameshark-be careful: it could screw up your game.

Boomerang 64-it has a built in double rumble but you can triple it with a rumble pak.

That's about it.

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