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Codes for Sonic Adventure:
Note: only codes that have an asterick* preceding them have been verified.

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*Play as Super Sonic: First, you must beat the game with all 6 original characters. Once you have done that, go to the character select screen and select Super Sonic. After the opening cinema, you will start as regular Sonic. Go to the shrine that holds the Master Emerald and go in the front where a cinema will be triggered. After that, go to the trolley that enters the jungle. Another cinema will be triggered, as eventually you will become Super Sonic.

*Different Chao: In the egg carrier prison cell is an egg for a black chao. In the lake at the mystic ruins, if you hit the switch, an egg for a metallic chao comes out. In station square, by the speed highway exit, theres a rock. Take the rock to [the] office and set it down where the egg is. Take the egg to get a gold chao.

Hidden Pics: Stick the Sonic Adventure cd into your PC to see secret pictures.

*Play Co-op with Tails: When you are playings as Sonic in action stages, the second controller can play Tails.

*Twinkle Park Races: to change view in twinkel race press up during play.

*Clean pause: If you want to pause the game without the pause menu, hit X+Y. It's easier to take screens.

*Sonic Chao: If you give a chao 20 pink animals, it will grow spikes on the back of its head and look like Sonic.

Change snowboard: Just before entering the snowboarding part of the ice stage, press X to get Sonic's blue snowboard (previously seen in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble). Press B to get Sonic's yellow board (only seen in Sonic Adventure.)

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