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Chu Chu Rocket Review


OK. I first saw this game and I thought Chu Chu what!? And the commercial doesn't exactly make me wanna go out and buy it. But when you pop it in, it says "Sonic Team presents" and they haven't let me down yet. So I played it and was quite surprised. Please don't let poor naming and commercial making lead you away from this. DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP! This is the greatest multiplayer game I have ever played and it's Dreamcast's first online game which makes it a blast.

Chu Chu Rocket gets:

This is currently my favorite DC game (I am writing this March 2000) and my favorite multiplayer game of all time. Why? If you ask this question you obviously haven't played it yet. Or maybe you've only played it solo. If you haven't played it yet, PLAY IT!!! It is not a kids game despite its looks. And if you play it, play it with a friend or two or three, because this game isn't a lotta fun by yourself, unless you're playing online.

The one-player puzzle mode is OK and can be quite fun, but it will get boring after a while. The stage challenge is best played with a friend as well. But one thing that I especially enjoy doing by myself is creating puzzles for my friends to try. You can make simple ones, or impossible ones that really annoy your friends. But the best thing about this game is the 4 player battle. Four friends fighting against each other to screw their opponents up can lead to some very frantic situations. It's fun to mess up your friends who's in the lead with a Kapu or something, which can make last minute comebacks for you to win. And special mice can have some nice affects. If you get cat attack, everyone gets attacked by a cat but you, or mouse monopoly make all the chuchus go to you. Yes, some of those are cheap which can get frustrating. But some are fun like mouse mania. So do yourself a favor and play it. But don't worry if you don't have any friends. You can make friends (or enemys) on the network. That's right. This is Sega's first attempt

at making an online game. You can chat and play people from around the country. The first try isn't always the best try. You may notice that first rhymes with worst, because I know the online game could have been better. There are some minor problems that could have been fixed. The big thing is the lag. There is a pause between when you hit a button, and the arrow actually appears on the screen. It makes it hard for last minute saves, but it is still playable. Yes, it's very playable and is very fun to play online with up to two more people on the same Dreamcast. So the internet game should at least be tried because it is something new and it is fun to play if you ignore the lag which is not to hard to do. It's nice because you can make a game room that anyone can enter, or you can make one with a password. It is nice with a password if you're trying to play with your friends.

So with online and offline gaming, this multiplayer game is fun and doesn't get old too quickly. If I haven't stressed it enough PLAY IT! It is only $30 and even if you don't want to buy it, at least rent it. This is a fun game that shouldn't be passed up.

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