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About the game:

It may look strange, it maybe it is. But the important thing is that it's fun. Sonic Team's new game is Chu Chu Rocket. The object of the game is actually quite simple. You need to get space mice, called chuchus into their rockets, while avoiding space cats called kapukapus.To do so, you set down arrows to guide your chuchus to your rocket. You may set down up to three arrows, but a fourth arrow will delete your first arrow. Opponents can also put arrows to keep you chuchus from getting into your rocket. They can also make kapukapus eat your mice or go into your rocket. If a kapukapu goes into your rocket, you lose a third of your chuchus. There are lots of different modes and features that keep the game going!

Chu Chu Rocket is also Segas first attempt at internet play. You can go against up to three different people from around the US via the internet. Learn more about network play by clicking here.